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Almost 85% of our students come from word of mouth which shows the time, energy and quality we put into training our students.

Profession Courses

Why choose Scuba 6 Eco Diving to kick start your career as a PADI pro? It’s simple, you get:

  • a higher level of instruction

  • instructors that are still passionate about teaching

  • lots of one-on-one time with your instructors

  • instructors that have stellar reputations

  • we will go the extra mile to make certain we give each student what he or she needs

  • This is not a one-size-fits all operation

Go Pro in Bocas Del Toro

Almost 85% of our students come from word of mouth which shows the time, energy and quality we put into training our students. Michel, our PADI Course Director, is personally involved in all professional courses and his vast experience in a wide variety of environments enables him to give expert guidance to all students. We are committed to delivering a higher level of instruction in guaranteed small groups. Start your career on the right foot.

Michel, our resident PADI Course Director, has dedicated his 25 years as a dive professional to delivering only the highest level of instruction possible. He has a stellar reputation for being not only a teacher but also a mentor that will help you build the strongest possible base on which you can build your career.

Eco Diving and the Dive Professional

The dive industry is evolving and clients now demand more from dive professionals especially when it comes to sustainable tourism. We are committed to forming dive pros that are better prepared to meet this challenge. 

We are proud to say we are the first and only dive facility in Panama to have partnered with the University of Queensland in order to offer the CoralWatch and the Reef Environmental Education Foundation citizen scientist programs–both are recognized worldwide. We also offer a state of the art coral reef ecology course geared to the dive professional. 

We believe that having the necessary knowledge and credentials that will help you give your clients a better dive experience can help you be more employable.


This is where an adventure of a lifetime begins. Our commitment to excellence brings us to raise our standards in order to give you a stronger base on which to build your career. You could learn under a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, instead, we prefer to have you develop your leadership abilities directly with our Course Director. You will not be just a student but an integral part of our team and will have fun participating in social events, protection and monitoring programs, and community awareness projects. Price varies depending on your present level. Take a look at our Eco Diving course– it’s worth it. Internships available. Contact us for details.


Want to go from non-diver to a dive pro! Contact us to discuss how we can make it happen.

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