Scuba 6 ECO Diving


Longer dives, more personalized experiences - every one of our students is trained to the highest standards

Recreational Courses

Every one of our students is trained to the highest standards possible.


Our team is comprised of highly qualified, experienced and friendly instructors with proven track records of delivering only the best every time. Whether you’re a first-timer or want to reach the highest rating, you will learn in small groups with lots of one-on-one time with your instructor. By strictly adhering to the PADI guidelines and recommendations and raising our standards, we help you develop a higher level of skills and confidence than normally achieved while keeping things fun as well as safe.


As part of our commitment to ocean protection and marine education, we are a 100% AWARE partner as such we donate $10 for every student we certify and each student receives a special AWARE certification card.


Prices include all necessary dive equipment, study materials, instructor, required number of dives, certification card and, water and fresh fruit onboard.


Haven’t been diving in a while? Let us know and we’ll discuss your individual needs.

Scuba Diver

You want to get certified but you’re a little short on time or money? Become a PADI Scuba Diver. This certification allows you to dive with a PADI professional anywhere in the world. You can easily turn it into a full open water certification whenever you’re ready at any PADI shop.

​2 days | 4 Dives | $245

Open Water Diver

The PADI Open Water is the most popular dive course on the planet. Our small groups mean you get more one-on-one time with your instructor allowing you to develop your skills to a higher level than normally reached.

3.5 – 4 Days | 6 ocean dives | $300

You can take your advanced diver course immediately after your Open Water course. Ask us how.

Advanced Open Water

This course is all about bringing your divers skills to a higher level and having more fun while diving. You do a deep dive and learn Underwater Navigation then; you choose three other dive activities from a list containing some of the most popular.

2 days | 6 ocean dives | $300

Specialty Courses

We offer a wide range of PADI specialties, as well as citizen scientist programs. Contact us for details.

Rescue Diver

The most active and probably the most gratifying diver course you’ll ever take. It is challenging but equally rewarding; no wonder it’s a favorite among divers. Most divers say it’s the best and most fun course they ever took. We do not believe in cutting corners which is why we conduct this course over a minimum of 4 days. You learn through classroom sessions, in-water training, evaluation scenarios and having loads of fun in and out of the water.

4 days | $350-400. Contact us for details.

Master Scuba Diver

Be part of an elite group of divers who are respected worldwide for their high level of experience and training. No matter what your present level is we can help you earn this prestigious rating. Contact us so we can discuss the best way to get you there.

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